Message of the Dean

Greetings of Peace!

Join the community of the College of Arts and Sciences and rest assured that our committed professionals will serve and guide you the best of their ability as you sail seeking knowledge and skills and molding values for a better future not only for a local but all throughout the globe.

Choose from the different courses listed below and aim few years from now you will become what you dreamed of today.

Good luck and God Bless!
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

CAS Vision

 Envisions for academic excellence in the College of Arts and Sciences.

CAS Mission

 The College of Arts and Sciences shall equip the students with knowledge, skills and values for gainful employment, keen sense of responsibility and accountability to the country and global community.

CAS Goals / “Tumong”

 1. Prepares students to become professionals who will provide necessary leadership and expertise needed to improve the quality of life of our people.
“Iandam ang mga estudyante nga mahimong mga propesyonal nga makatag sa maayong pamunuan ug kinaadman sa pagpalambo sa kalidad sa panginabuhi sa mga lumulopyo.”
2. Provide quality educational alterntives that are responsive to the demands of development in local, regional and international levels.
“Magahatag ug alternatibong kalidad sa edukasyon nga maoy tubag sa panginahanglan sa kalamboan sa natad pangglobal, pangnasyonal ug pang-internasyonal.”


Objectives/ “Katuyuan”

 1. To enhance the student’s knowledge on computer technological advancement: critical analysis, desirable scientific attitudes and technical discipline for them to become skilled information technology professionals.
“Palambuon ang kahibalo sa mga estudyante sa “Computer Technological Advancement”: Kritikal nga panghuna-huna, mahiangayong syentipikong gawi ug disiplinang teknikal para mahimong propesyonal  nga hanas sa mga kompetisyon nga impormasyong teknolohikal.”
2. To inculcate in themselves the values of patience, perseverance and hard work to become cometitive in various responsibilities of computer programming and other relted fields be it on the local, national, international and global fronts.
“Pabatonan sa iyang kaugalingon ang mithi sa pagkamapailobon, pagkamainantuson ug pagmahal sa trabaho aron mahimong takos sa lain-laing responsibilidad ug sa uban pang kalihokan kabahin sa “Computer Programming” sa natad panglokal, pangnasyonal, pang-internasyonal ug pangglobal.”
3.To promote the constitutional provisions on computer, scientific and technological developments.
“Ipakaylap ang probisyong konstitusyonal kabahin sa siyentipiko ug teknolohikal nga kalamboan sa kompyuter.”

CAS Curricular Offerings:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Diploma in Midwifery